Sunday School Department

At NLPC we endeavour to educate students by providing age-appropriate lessons geared toward a greater understanding of the Word of God. The Sunday School Department is divided into three categories: Beginner (ages 2 – 8), Pre-Teen (ages 9 – 12), and Youth (ages 13 – 18). At the end of each month, we hold a worship service for all students which provides them with the opportunity to participate in various capacities (i.e. musicians, puppeteers, storytellers).

Following Sunday school, students who are shuttled to church via our bus ministry are then taken home. However, with the consent of their parents, they are welcome to join the adult worship service, which ends at 1:30PM.

Children's Choir

The NLPC children’s choir is a dynamic blend of voices! The choir consists of students as young as two years old. These students have opportunities to minister at children’s conferences, as well as special events held at our local church. Through this ministry, students learn to skillfully make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Rehearsals take place on Sunday mornings following Sunday school classes. Students enrolled in our Sunday school department are welcome to join this talented group of singers.

Bible Quizzing Team

Our outstanding Jr. Bible Quizzing Team consists of students, ages 5 – 11. These students commit several hours per week to studying and memorizing the Word of God. The team members are involved in tournaments in which they participate with various other quizzing teams throughout Ontario, to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of scripture. Through preparation for these tournaments students learn: self-discipline; good study habits; team player attributes; and positive responses to winning and losing. Students interested in participating are encouraged to join at the beginning of each quizzing season so that they can adequately prepare for each tournament.

Bus Ministry

Transportation is provided for students in the community who wish to attend Sunday school. Contact us at (416) 744-4107 ext. 21 to make bus pick-up arrangements.


The Discipleship/Mentorship program is designed to equip new members with a more in-depth understanding of what it means to be a Christian; thereby equipping them with the tools necessary to positively impact the surrounding community.

The program is divided into two courses. The first course entitled, “In My Father’s House” is a 10-week program specifically designed to introduce new members of NLPC to basic Pentecostal doctrine. It is then followed-up with the 16-week, “Sincere Word” program which is designed to equip new members to live a successful, balanced and fulfilled life.

Youth Beyond The Ordinary (Y.B.T.O)

Youth Beyond the Ordinary are devoted to creating a generation of young people sincerely dedicated to service of the Lord. Come and join us on Friday nights as the youth of New Life Pentecostal Church come together to worship the Lord and learn the Word of God through games, group discussions, fun and fellowship, which will in turn help to equip them to share the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Women's Ministry

Our women's ministry is a place where women of all ages come together to pray, grow and serve. We encourage women through biblical principles to mature their faith and grow as virtuous women of God. You are welcome to join us in fellowship as we teach, and develop a generation of women who are confident to be all that God desires for their lives.

Men's Ministry

Join us in our men's group where we seek to transform the lives of men through biblical principles and thrive to live a life that honours our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our goal is to develop men young and old to become spiritual leaders in their homes, church and in their professions. Through fellowship and men's prayer meeting, we gain the spiritual strength and confidence to become authentic men in Christ.

Senior's Ministry

At New Life Pentecostal Church our seniors are a highly valued part of our church family. Through various programs and events, our senior's ministry provides a time of fellowship, special activities and an opportunity for more than conquerors to strengthen and encourage one another in the Lord.

Teacher Certification

At NLPC, we recognize that in order for teachers to effectively impart the word of God, they must have a solid understanding of Biblical principles as well as the ability to meet the needs of learners of all ages and abilities. Therefore, members who desire to teach at NLPC are required to complete a certification and practicum program which will equip them with an understanding of the following: Apostolic Theology; The Call and Mission of Believers; Teaching Ministry; Child Evangelism; Teaching Methods; Classroom Management; Lesson Preparation; Principles of Leadership; Knowing the Student; Keeping the Teacher Fit; Sunday School Administration. Upon successful completion of the program a Certificate of Completion is issued.